The Rain Catchment Tarp

Samuel felt the wind shift a little. Even in the morning, the Texas sun beat down on his back and any breeze was a welcomed comfort. He continued pulling weeds, whispering a little prayer that God would bless his small garden and that it would produce enough vegetables to supplement what they couldn’t barter for. …

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New World Order

The New World Order to Keep An Eye On

Preppers believe in being situationally aware. Usually, that means that the local surroundings should be assessed and measures should be taken to protect one’s family from potential dangers. But being situationally aware includes looking beyond the local predicament and could even include being aware on a global scale. This would seem like a daunting task. …

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Connect with Other Preppers

Connect with Other Preppers

One thing that I’ve learned in my time running Prepper Website is that preppers want to connect with other preppers! I often get emails that go something like this. Hi Todd, I’ve been prepping for about a year and I would love to connect with other preppers in my area.  Do you know any that …

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PHIC and the Big Soap Fail

Throughout the years, I have linked to soap making articles on Prepper Website. These articles covered everything from using wood ash and lard to using Fels Naptha as a start. One thing that always comes up is how homemade soap needs to cure or dry for a period of time. As as result, I have …

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