PHIC and the Big Soap Fail

Throughout the years, I have linked to soap making articles on Prepper Website. These articles covered everything from using wood ash and lard to using Fels Naptha as a start. One thing that always comes up is how homemade soap needs to cure or dry for a period of time. As as result, I have …

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more self-reliant

The Need to be More Self-Reliant

One thing (among others) that COVID-19 has brought to light is the need to be more self-reliant. This is a topic that is discussed in the Preparedness Community, but now, it is coming more and more to light for everyone, as we deal with supply chain disruptions and the economic impact of just being consumers …

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Prepping for Quarantine

When a deadly virus comes to your area, you might not have much choice but to quarantine yourself. This might come in the form of a self-imposed quarantine or a forced quarantine, under the penalty of arrest from your government. Either way, there are thoughts and considerations that every preparedness-minded person or family should think …

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